5 Stars

Book Review: If You Dare by A.R. Torre

  I never thought I’d become emotionally attached to a tiny little woman who was a psychopath that lived in apartment in 6E but with each book I’ve devoured I loved Deanna Madden more and more. Deanna is a total bad-ass that has captivated my attention for word one and still has me reeling once […]

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Book Review: Untamed by S.C. Stephens

  My first thought when I started to read Untamed was how much of a cocky bastard Griffin was and that there was no possible way I’d ever love him as much as Kellan. Don’t deny it, you know you’re thinking the same thing. Kellan is at the top of almost everyone’s book boyfriend list, […]

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Book Review: Endless Possibility by Emma Scott

Endless Possibility, a Memoir (City Lights 3.5)   I was teary eyed from the moment I saw the title and that it was also in braille. Throughout the whole story, I teared up but was bawling like a baby in the end. It had the sweetest ending and filled my heart with so much warmth […]

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Book Review: Ms Manwhore by Katy Evans

  Katy Evans has given us the perfect novella!  Ms. Manwhore starts off right where Manwhore +1 ended and I was instantly smiling from the first four words.  This novella is the perfect short read for any occasion. If you just want a quick, perfect read, or a pick me up after finishing a book […]

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