November 5, 2015

Book Review: Surviving Ice by K.A. Tucker


Surviving Ice is a must read!  I absolutely loved it!  It is now my favorite book in the Burying Water series. After meeting Ivy in Chasing River, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like her relocating to San Francisco and with a new man in her life but I could not put this book down and I definitely didn’t disapprove of Sebastian.

Let me start off by say that Surviving Ice can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend reading the entire Burying Water series because it is AMAZING and I’m sad that this is the end of the series!  I can’t wait to see what K.A. Tucker comes up with next.

Ivy who normally doesn’t stay in one place for too long has relocated to San Francisco to live with her uncle and to work at his tattoo shop and is also thinking about making it her home until one the night she witnesses her  uncle’s murder.

Sebastian an ex- Navy SEAL works for a private contracting company and has been called in to find the evidence the men who murdered Ivy’s uncle were looking for and kill Ivy if she knows too much. 

Upon meeting Ivy, Sebastian is intrigued by her and knows that she knows nothing about the evidence that he’s been sent to look for. He quickly learns that Ivy is just as good as he is about hiding her emotions and is intrigued by the tiny woman. To protect Ivy from danger, he must get close to her which is no easy task. The more time they spend together and open up to each other, Sebastian and Ivy start to think about the possibility of staying in San Francisco. Sebastian also knows that if he wants a life with Ivy then he will have to tell her about his past and what brought him to San Francisco in the first place.  Will Ivy want anything to do with him once she knows the whole truth?

K.A. Tucker did a wonderful job in finding the perfect match for Ivy. I love this series and the unique storyline in each book and the characters trying to decide what was right for them in some very grey areas as well as the mystery and suspense which each novel. 


Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by Christi1

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Burying Water Series

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