November 5, 2015

Blog Tour: Wrapped in Lace by Prescott Lane



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When I was a little boy, the best thing about the holiday season was unwrapping presents on Christmas morning — tearing off the paper and tossing it on the floor. Now that I’m a man, I like to unwrap slowly, deliberately, taking my time to savor what lies before me. I still like to throw the wrapping on the floor, but now I know the best gifts come wrapped in lace.

And unlike when I was a kid, I won’t get sick of this present by New Year’s. I’ll definitely be playing with this girl day after day after day.
After six years avoiding my hometown, the last thing I expected when I returned was a wannabe bad girl to unwrap my heart and rip open my soul. But that’s exactly what happened. Now if I can just get the hell out of my own way, maybe I’ll finally get the best gift of all — her!
Come get unwrapped by Drew this holiday.


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“There was this guy.”

“OOH, a guy.”

“Shut up,” I said, laughing. “We flirted and drank all night, and he was so hot and sweet and. . . .”

“You are totally gushing over a boy. I can’t believe it.”

“I am not,” I protested, but I knew I was. “I don’t even know his name.”

“Why not?”

“I threw up before we got that far.”

Sabrina fell back on my bed laughing. “You did not.”

I hid my head back under my pillow. “I did.”

“Girl, you are hopeless,” she said, still laughing. “How hot was he?”

I came out from hiding. “Pretty damn hot.”

“As in you’d shave for him? That hot?”

“As in I’d wax for him.”

Sabrina started to fan herself, and I got up and headed to my bathroom, looking for some aspirin. “We’ve got to find this wax-worthy gentleman,” Sabrina called out.



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Wrapped in Lace is my first book by Prescott Lane. The author messaged me about her book and asking me to review it.  After reading the synopsis, I knew that Wrapped in Lace had the potential to be a good story and I wasn’t wrong. Normally I don’t go for those stories that are about Christmas (I don’t know why), but that didn’t put me off whatsoever about this story.  I’m very happy that I was asked to read this book and found another author that look forward to reading more of.

Wrapped in Lace starts off with Piper going out on another blind date and the guy being a dud. She was tired of all her dates never making it to a second and was ready to be by herself then to inflict herself with another blind date. Instead of going home, Piper decided to go to one of her town bars where she knew she could be left alone.

Drew Landon was finally going back to his hometown after six years and he was not looking forward to it. Instead of heading to his grandmother’s house and his family, Drew made a pit stop at a bar on the outskirts of town and not owned by his parents wanting to delay his family reunion for as long as possible.

Upon seeing each other at Hank’s bar, Drew and Piper were instantly attracted to one another and decided to have a little fun.  Maybe too much fun. Piper ended up drinking way too much and got sick before she could tell Drew what her name was. With neither knowing the other’s name they decided to go back to the bar they met at and hoped to find the other there.

Little did either of them expect to see the other at Drew’s grandmother’s house when he showed up the next day or that they had been childhood friends who hadn’t seen each other in ten years. Piper and Drew easily fell into their old friendship. They were each other’s best friends and told each other everything. Well almost everything. The one thing they had both not told the other ten years ago was that they wanted more.

Could Drew’s visit be the beginning of a second chance romance or would it only be a holiday fling?  Would Drew’s family drama keep him away for another six years?

I loved this book and I’m so glad the author approached me to read it. It’s an easy read that will keep you engrossed and not wanting to put it down. Even though it’s only 200 pages, it doesn’t not seem like a short book while reading it. There’s a lot going on as Piper and Drew try to figure out their feelings and what their future will hold for the both of them.

Although Wrapped in Lace takes place at Christmas time I would definitely not categorize it as a holiday book. It’s a great second chance romance that you will not want to put down. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a feel-good book that’s short and sweet.


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Prescott Lane is the author of First Position, Perfectly Broken, and her new release, Quiet Angel. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and graduated from Centenary College with a degree in sociology. She went on to receive her MSW from Tulane University, after which she worked with developmentally delayed and disabled children. She married her college sweetheart, and they currently live in New Orleans with their two children and two crazy dogs. Prescott started writing at the age of five, and sold her first story about a talking turtle to her father for a quarter. She later turned to writing romance novels because there aren’t enough happily ever afters in real life.


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