November 1, 2015

Book Review: The Fall Up by Aly Martinez



If you’re looking for the perfect romance with deep emotions, swoony worthy tattooed hotness, and hilarious banter then you need to read The Fall Up.  

Although the way Levee and Sam met was under serious circumstances and there are heavy subjects, it’s a great love story with a happily ever after for the characters with the guy saving the girl and in the end the girl saving the guy.

Both characters had painful life events that have brought them to find each other on that fateful bridge, but it’s their concern for the other that brought them back night after night. I was instantly drawn to their stories and wanted to know more about what made them go to that bridge the first time.

“There must be a million women throwing themselves at you. How are you not married with a boatload of kids by now?” His smile spread impossibly wide. “I hadn’t met you yet.” He shrugged before taking my mouth in a reverent kiss.

I was a little worried that Levee’s fame from being a pop star would cause a lot of drama, but it didn’t become a factor. In fact, there wasn’t any unnecessary drama and I loved that! I think this has to be Aly Martinez’s least angsty book to date. At least for me it was and part of that could have been because the story started off with such a heavy situation and I was more prepared for it. 

“I fell in love with you when I was at rock bottom. But I’ll never be able to look back on those dark days with anything but a smile. I wanted to jump, Sam, but I never once expected the fall to go up.”

It was so easy to love all the characters especially Sam. He said the sweetest things that would have me swooning but also didn’t hold back telling it like it was either. I loved that about him. It didn’t hurt that he was hot and covered in tattoos either. 😉 I absolutely loved Henry, Levee’s best friend. He had me cracking up and always brightened the mood of any situation.

Palming each side of her face, I dropped my forehead to hers. “I’m going to make things awkward. It’s kinda what I do. Just bear with me.”

She licked her lips, and I was forced to kiss her again. When I finally came back up for air, I continued.

“My name is Samuel Nathan Rivers. I’m twenty-seven. Aquarius. No criminal history. I have a clean bill of health. I’m a democrat, but for God’s sake, do not tell my mom. I own a furniture shop and clear six figures a year. I’m not interested in your money. I’ll show you my tax return if need be. I’m also not a super-fan interested in your fame. But, for the love of all that’s holy, I need you to come home with me.”

Aly Martinez has done it again, creating another book with the perfect balance of hot romance, deep emotions, sexy characters, unique story lines, and make you laugh out loud banter.  Every romance reader should read The Fall Up. I highly recommend it!


** I was provided an arc for a fair and honest review.**

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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