October 27, 2015

Book Review: Darkest Before Dawn by Maya Banks

Heart pounding and anxious. That was me for the whole second half of this story.  My heart has finally started to settle down as I start to write my review. Simply said I loved Darkest Before Dawn. What is it about seeing a big Alpha male show his soft side that brings us to our knees?

That’s what Guy Hancock did time and time again. Many times bringing tears to my eyes. Hancock had been a member of a group called Titan under the US government until they turned on them.  All he wanted to do was fight for the innocent for the greater good, his group then become mercenaries taking out the bad guys. Knowing no other life but killing he was becoming weary of his existence. When the opportunity to kill a long time target that he knew he’d never get that close to again he took it. Never did he expect for his life to change by meeting Honor.

Honor Cambridge was a relief work who offered aid to small villages in the Middle East. She devoted her life to helping others and then one day a terrorist group bombed the facility she was working in for the sole purpose to kill each and every one of the Westerners who were helping the unfortunate.

Once the terrorist organization known at A New Era or ANE figured out that honor has somehow managed to escape the building that was left to rubble they would not stop until they found her.

Finding herself with the men of the group Titan, Honor let her guard down thinking they were taking her home and not being traded to a man who would torture and then give her to the very group that she had been running from for the ANE to then rape and torture her until she would beg for death.  

No one expected Honor to be so unexpectedly strong, full of pride, unwilling to quit, her kindness, spirit, courage, and fire.  Even the strongest of men who never showed emotion softened from being around her.

Hancock was filled with regret, self-loathing, and guilt for the first time in his life as he thought of handing Honor over for the greater good. He continued to war with himself as Honor trusted him and they became close. Why should Honor have to go through more torture when she was so good. Honor was the strongest woman he’d ever encountered and to know that he would betray her trust would haunt him the rest of his days but could he give up this one last chance at killing such a horrible man and taking down his organization for one woman?

Once Honor learned of Hancock’s betrayal I could not read fast enough!  For half the book, I anxiously turned page after page as I read Hancock’s struggle and Honor willing to give herself up for the greater good. Knowing that her sacrifice would matter.

This the first KGI book that I’ve read and it can be read as a standalone. Although after reading Darkest Before Dawn and meeting so many characters I want to read the whole KGI series so that I can get their stories.  This is one series that I can’t wait to read more of.

Maya Banks wrote a beautiful, angsty story of Honor and Hancock. The characters inner monologs were so descriptive that you always know exactly how the characters felt. There was never any wondering why is or why that and I loved that I got to know them so greatly and lived through their struggles. Don’t worry Hancock and Honor have a happily ever after, but you will be in for a roller coaster of emotions right along with them as they face the hardest of choices.


**I was provided an arc for a fair and honest review.**

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by Christi1

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