October 19, 2015

Book Review: Pucked Up by Helena Hunting


Bravo Ms. Hunting!  I think most readers of Pucked didn’t like Buck very much. I have to say I was a little leery that I’d like him as I started to read Pucked Up.  Well, that lasted until about the end of chapter one. What I wasn’t expecting was to feel sympathy for him and actually wanting better for him.

During Pucked, Miller (Buck) Butterson, met Sunny Waters at an after game party and they immediately hit it off.  Unfortunately, there were a few problems. One being that Sunny’s brother was a teammate on the same hockey team, and the then boyfriend, now fiance of Miller’s sister, Vi. How confusing was that? Maybe just a little. You don’t need to have read Pucked to read Pucked Up, but I strongly advise it. Not only to makes sense of what Miller’s relationship to Sunny’s brother is, but also because it was one of my favorite books of the year and is absolutely hilarious.  The second reason is that Miller had quite the reputation for being a manwhore. He was constantly pictured with puck bunnies and then the pictures were splashed all over social media.

Sunny Waters is the sweet and innocent sister of Alex Waters and being a good big brother, he is quite protective over her and doesn’t want to see her get hurt by Miller.  It doesn’t help that her best friend was also whispering in her ear that Miller was going to hurt her.  

Miller was tired of living the bachelor life and wanted to have something real with Sunny. Since meeting Sunny, Miller had been staying away from all the puck bunnies but continued to go out with teammates to events and parties and get pictured fans and bunnies who made it look as if he was hooking up with random women all the time.  

It was hard for Sunny to put her trust in him when they rarely saw each other since Miller lived in Chicago and she lived in a small town in Canada, along with all the media pictures and her brother and best friend telling her not to trust him.

Miller could not catch a break. It was one thing after another, pictures being posted or something happening to him that continuously made him look bad. The further I read the sadder I became for Miller and his circumstances. He didn’t let many people see that he was a good, know of the charity work he did, or that he’s dyslexic.  Hiding his dyslexia made for a lot of misunderstands. I really wanted him to be able to open up to those that were close to him so that he didn’t have to hide how hard it was for him to read and spell. It broke my heart that because of his dyslexia he felt stupid.

I was expecting a totally different book than what I got. I thought it would be more of a comedy like Pucked, and I definitely never thought I’d feel sympathy for Buck. Helena did a great job of taking a character that I already didn’t like and had a preconceived opinion on (like the people in the book) and quickly changed my perspective on him. I have to say that it didn’t take me as long to see what a good and sweet guy he was.  Having the whole book from Miller’s point of view was a definite advantage in scoring points for the once hated Buck to now loving Miller.

I look forward to reading more about the characters in this series. There’s already a title for the third book that’s due in January of 2016. Pucked Over. I’m impatiently waiting for more information on who the couple is going to be.

** I was provided an arc for a fair and honest review.**

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by Christi1


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