October 19, 2015

Book Review: FRAMED by C.P. Smith


For me, this has to be the best book that I’ve read by C.P. Smith and my favorite. It’s unlike the other books I’ve read by her and I loved it!  I never thought I’d be interested in a story of a man in prison, but she has proven me happily wrong.

Framed starts out with Kade Kingston, an ex-SEAL, who had left the Navy to care for his dying grandfather. The man who took him and his brother in when they were both small boys without any hesitation. Kade was an ALPHA there’s no doubt about it but to make him more perfect he was also kind, brave, loyal, and fiercely protective of those he loved.

Unfortunately for Kade, his life quickly turned for the worst when he was charged and then convicted of murdering an old high school friend of a crime that he didn’t commit on his first night back to his hometown.

Harley Dash, who’s an inmate dog trainer, has had a crush on Kade from the moment he saw his grin when she was a junior in high school. At the time she thought Kade didn’t know she existed until they meet again when she tries to recruit him into her training program for abused dogs.   Harley and her dad who was also an ex-SEAL always thought that Kade was innocent of the charges he was up against and knew that while in prison he would be focusing on the rage of being wrongfully convicted and that his team had given up on him and were not coming to try and exonerate him.

At first Kade declines the program knowing that he would on the edge of control if he had to be around Harley and not be able to touch her. Little did Harley know that Kade had been thinking about her for the last fifteen years as the one who got away. First because he didn’t think he deserved her in high school and then to find out she was about to be married and he was set to go on tour again.

After seeing Harley get pushed down, Kade decides that as long as she is in his prison he has to protect her.  Neither Harley nor Kade can believe they are finally with the one that they’ve longed to be with yet they are limited to their interactions because of Kade being an inmate.

After two attempts on his life had been made, Harley and her dad decide to start investigating into Kade’s case to prove his innocence and two guys from his SEAL team (Prez and D) show up to find the evidence that will prove Kade innocent.

My heart was pounding as Harley, Prez, and D tried to find the one piece of evidence that would free Kade. Harley couldn’t keep her distance from Kade even though her job was a stake. For too long she had felt empty and alone but all that changed whenever she was near Kade.

I love C.P. Smith’s books and her belief in soulmates and insta-love. She doesn’t make their love corny or so sweet and love sick that they are boring. Boring is definitely not a word for this book. You will not want to put down Framed as the excitement starts from the beginning and doesn’t end until the very last page. This book left me with a smile on my face and my heart rate finally coming down for all the suspense and my heart warm from two people who had longed for each other for over a decade finally finding their time and getting their happily ever after.

Although I’m not an avid fan of the Princess Bride I loved all the references throughout the book and how many of the characters they met throughout the story to help or hinder them had the names from the movie and them quoting it throughout.  I always love it when an author shows something that they enjoy or love in their books and we get to enjoy it too.

** I was provided an arc by the author for a fair and honest review.**

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewed by Christi1


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