October 8, 2015

Book Review: Repentance: The Story of Kace Haywood by Meghan Quinn


Repentance: The story of Kace Haywood is about the life of Kace Haywood after his boxing career was taken away from him and one lapse in judgement changes his life. He lost his house, job, and the respect of everyone in his city.  He had made a vow to live every day of his life as punishment, in misery, and grief.  Kace was barely living only doing what he had to during the day and then drink his night away.

When Layla walking into Kace’s life there was an instant connection, but one that Kace wouldn’t let himself give in to.  He knew his life was to never know happiness and he wanted better for her than what he could give her.  Kace also knew he had to stay away from her because every moment he spent with her he wanted her more and more and knew that both their hearts would be torn to shreds with the inevitability that he couldn’t provide her with what she needed.  She would ruin him.

No matter how much Kace hurt Layla she wouldn’t give up. She saw his heart, that he was a good, kind  man underneath the troubled eyes and the hurt and wanted to save him.

I have to be honest that I was expecting more romance and suspense with this book.  Instead, I found it sadder than anything else. It wasn’t angsty, but the more I read of Kace’s story the sadder I got for him as he continued to spiral further down the hole.  Kace had stayed for his best friend, Jett, but now that Jett had found Goldie, Kace knew that he would be fine without him and he was ready to give up on life.

Meghan Quinn did a great job of at writing Kace and making us understand his thoughts and actions. We get both the present and the past and at times I was annoyed when a chapter would end and the next one would go back to the past when I wanted to more of the present. But you have to have Kace’s past to truly understand the reasons for his reactions in the present. 

If I knew the story would have had less of the romantic suspense, I probably would have had a different mindset when I started reading it.  You know how that can be when you are expecting one thing and get something else with a story. Sometimes it’s good and other times not. I’m not saying that this story is bad because it definitely isn’t I was just expecting something else and don’t want others to have that same experience. 

** I was provided an arc by the author for a fair and honest review.**

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by Christi1


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