September 18, 2015

Book Review: Hard Love by Meredith Wild


Hard Love was the perfect ending to this phenomenal series. Reading the last book in the Hacker Series was bittersweet.  I had been excited to get my hands on another book with Blake and Erica, but sad that their story would be over as soon as I clicked through to the last page since it is one of my favorite series.

Although the book isn’t exceptionally long, it is packed with lots of drama, suspense, an incredible amount of intensity, and a raw, vulnerable love story.  I was a little worried before I started to read it that I might need to reread the series so that I could remember everything that had happened previously, but I couldn’t wait to start it.  I had no need to be worried. Meredith Wild’s writing of Blake and Erica’s story has been engrained into my brain by her ability to draw you into the story and will have you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to end.  You will feel every emotion along with the characters in the most remarkable way. It’s magical.

With dual point of views throughout the book, I fell in love with Blake all over again as I read his thoughts and how all the challenges they were facing and the events of his past had affected him.  Wild wrote this book to perfection, I felt connected to the characters and understood why they were making the decisions they did, their flaws, and their love for one another.

I knew I wasn’t the same man she’d last seen. This latest brush with the law had been painfully eye-opening. I could be prideful at times, but knowing that I wasn’t the only one whose future was at stake had humbled me.

After the honeymoon was over, Blake and Erica’s lives were back to their busy lives only to face an obstacle that could force them apart. I couldn’t read and get to the next page fast enough as one shocking thing to the next happened.

I couldn’t fight the unsettling feeling that hit my gut every time I thought about the honeymoon ending. In our busy lives, a month was an eternity. But somehow a month wasn’t enough, and now I resented that life in Boston would be calling us back in a matter of days.

In Hard Love, you get to see Erica and Blake like we’ve never seen them before. You get their love that cannot be broken, but also the fierce protective side as they each have to be strong for one another to make it through this one last hurdle before they can truly live their happily ever after.  The raw vulnerability of Blake is what I loved the most about this book.  I felt like I got to understand him more and it made me want to go back and reread the series with this new understanding of him.

“The last thing I want to do is find my way back to myself when I’ve already found the best part of myself in her.”

 My sweetest gift, always so ready to accept this darkness inside me, to shine light on it until it became something different, something that was only ours.

Erica shined as she was determined to prove Blake’s innocence.  You get to really see what a strong, powerful, and stubborn character she is as she fights for their life together.  Although many of the events were difficult, Erica never wavered in the fierceness that I and Blake had grown to love.

Blake Landon is one of my favorite characters. He’s gorgeous, brilliant, intense, and then to see the raw vulnerability through his eyes that we see in Hard Love only added a layer to his character that made me fall in love with him all the more.  Seeing his love, how much it had grown after his and Erica’s experiences, and how much he needed her, truly warmed my heart.

“I promise to be deserving of your love and your trust. You’ll never want for love or comfort or happiness. I promise that you’ll always have a safe place in my arms and in our home. I’ll love you completely, with every ounce of my being, every day, for the rest of my life.”

Meredith Wild did an exceptional job of writing the perfect ending to Blake and Erica’s love story.  She weaved an intricate story of their journey that was hard fought and showed us how much they had both evolved throughout the series. Hard Love took me through a roller coaster of emotions as I experienced the last chapter of this unbelievably beautiful love story.  This is one series that I will read again and again. I cannot wait to see what Wild has in store for us next. I know whatever it is will be just as exceptional as this series has been.


Rating:  5 Stars

Reviewed by Christi1

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