September 10, 2015

Book Review: The End Game by Kate McCarthy

The End Game

I’ve got Madden Fever!  This is my first book of Kate McCarthy and it was a touchdown in my eyes!!!  It’s kind of hard to write this review because of the many emotions that I went through while reading it. The End Game is a touching book that will move you. It has everything in it you need! I was smiling, laughing, tearing up, and anxious with anticipation at was next to come. This was a beautiful, emotional journey that consumed me from beginning to end.

Jordan Elliott was a star soccer player from Sydney, Australia. Her twin brother had sacrificed for her career and it was finally paying off.  Jordan moved to Austin, Texas for her senior year of college at Colton Park University to play for their soccer team.  It was only supposed to be a pit stop in her life until she signed onto a team after college.  Little did she know she’d find the true meaning of home while she was there.

Brody pulled at my heartstrings from the very beginning and I wanted to reach in a give him a hug.  Truth be told, I still feel like I need to give him a hug.  Football was Brody’s everything. He wanted to be the best and would do anything to get there. It was where he was confident in himself and could be free. The more I got to really see of the real Brody the more I saw his pain caused by his family making my heart bleed for him and fall for him more and more.

“Out there on the field, the game is everything. It builds you up, breaks you down, and it bleeds you dry. But I love it. It’s the only place I’m free.”

“I am never going to be intelligent, or sharp, or hold a meaningful conversation that doesn’t include the subject of football. I am never going to be normal. I am who I am, and I have to accept that it’s all I’m going to be without someone trying to give me false hope.”

Brody fought for Jordan to give him a chance and when she started to see tiny bits of the real Brody shining through she couldn’t help but start to fall for him as he cared for her and was someone that could understand the life of wanting to be the best at your sport.

Jordan was the light in Brody’s darkness showing him that he was worthy of love and acceptance. She loved him for him, flaws and all. She was the strength he needed to get through many tough internal battles.

I loved how they each showed the other that although their wholes lives had been dedicated to a sport that was their planned career, once they found love in each other they found real happiness and their home.  This story is about courage and fighting for what you love.

How could I let this happen? I fly halfway across the world chasing a dream and end up with the hottest, brightest, sweetest love I’ll ever have the chance of knowing. Brody is exciting and turbulent, charming and sexy, and deeply tortured down beneath the surface. The man buried inside me right now is wildly imperfect, and I want forever with him.

I go through spurts where I like to read sports romances and this is by far my favorite that I’ve read so far.  I will definitely be reading McCarthy’s other books.  I don’t want to give too much away of Brody and Jordan’s story. This is a book you need to experience without knowing too much so that you can enjoy every second of it.

Rating: 5 Stars

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