September 9, 2015

Book Review: Grayson's Vow by Mia Sheridan

Absolutely fabulous! Mia Sheridan has written another amazing book!  She always does an outstanding job of drawing you in deeply into the characters’ lives and making it almost impossible to put down your kindle as you read any of her books and this was no exception.

Taking place in Napa, California both Kira Dallaire and Grayson Hawthorn were both desperate for money. Kira wanted to get away from a father who had never shown her love and only wanted her under his control and Grayson who had made a vow to restore the vineyard his father had left him after he died while he was in prison.

The minute Kira saw Grayson leaning up against a building outside her car, she thought it was fate.  Remembering hearing his name years ago and knowing that her father had something to do with him going to prison and seeing the pained expression on his face after being denied a loan at the local bank for being a felon.

Watch what people do when they think no one’s watching, love. That’s how you’ll know who they really are.

He had his head leaned back against the building behind him, and his eyes were closed, his expression pained…

The proposal? To marry and Kira would split her inheritance from her grandmother in half.  It would be 100% business and once twelve months were over they’d file for divorce.  Unable to afford a place to live she’s stay at his vineyard for a couple of months. Afraid that Kira’s father would contest the validity of their married they would need to make it seem to the rest of the world that this marriage was one for love and not money.

This has to be the first book that I cared for the heroine of the story in such a short amount of time and disliking the hero.  Kira was so easy to relate to and feeling her suffering. She was fiery, and compassionate, but also had a low self-esteem from years of her father’s malice. I was tearing up from the very beginning as I felt her pain and how a few kind words of encouragement or kindness could give her what she’d been craving all her life.

I don’t want to trivialize Grayson’s pain because his past with his father and stepmother who constantly made him feel as if he was unworthy all his life and treated him with cruelty was horrible.  What set Grayson and Kira apart was the way they handled how they were treated.  Grayson shut down on the world and built a cold barrier around his heart and Kira was light and happy. An open spirit.

With both the characters having such painful backgrounds, they had a lot in common even if in the beginning they didn’t want to believe it.  Unfortunately, it left them both not wanting to open up to one another and feeling shame that as their last resort they had to marry one another to survive.

I had just thrown the sanctity of marriage off a cliff, and he could barely manage to be cordial? I didn’t expect his thanks, but I also didn’t expect to feel like I was an inconvenience to his day.

This is a slow-burn, hate-to-lovers story and it took a good while for Grayson to grow on me with how he treated Kira in the beginning. Don’t give up on him though. Eventually Grayson started to show his true self and let Kira’s light melt the coldness that he had protecting his heart it was easy to see him for the good, caring and sweet man that he truly was inside.  If it hadn’t been for Kira, Grayson never would have fought his demons and finally felt worthy.

She was everything to me: my dreams, my weakness, and the person who made me want to be strong. She was the one woman who showed me I mattered, that I was wanted. That I was enough.

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with Mia Sheridan. She is one of my favorite authors, and one that I will always one-click any new book of hers. If you have not yet read any of her books then you are missing out.  Sheridan has an incredible way of making you feel exactly what the characters are and rooting for them to succeed as you fall in love with them.

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** I was provided an arc by the author for a fair and honest review. **

Rating: 5 Stars

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