July 15, 2015

Book Review – Revived by Samantha Towle

After reading Revved, I couldn’t wait for Revived to come out and read Leandro’s story. I knew it was going to be great, and Samantha Towle did not disappoint. After reading The Storm series, and Revved she has quickly become on of my favorite authors. Each story quickly captivates me from the very first page and take me for a journey that I cannot put down. I can’t wait to read whatever she writes next.

Revived takes place a year later after Brazilian Formula One driver, Leandro Silva has a horrific car wreck. This isn’t just your typical love story it’s also the story of personal recovery for both characters. Leandro needs to get back out onto the track before the next season of racing starts. The only problem is that he can barely sit in a car as a passenger let alone get behind the wheel of his Formula One car.

Surprisingly Leandro and fellow Formula One driver, Carrick (from Revved), who once used to hate one another have become great friends after the accident. Carrick and Andi, Carrick’s wife, visited him while he was in the hospital and every time they came to Brazil when the racing circuit brought them there. After watching her father crash and die when she was young, Andi started to see a therapist to help her cope with her husband’s racing.

Enter India Harris.

Their attraction is instant, but Leandro cannot mess up his shot at getting back on the track and India cannot get involved with a patient no matter how gorgeous he is.

India was so conflicted about her feelings and attraction. She doesn’t want to lose her license for getting involved with him especially after being taken advantage of by a caregiver when she was young. It’s something that she’s adamant about, and it causes a lot of tension and heartbreak for the both of them. Although I hated that if they were together, India would lose her job, I loved that she was such a strong character, stood up for what she believed was right, and overcame a troubled childhood.

Will India give up her career for a chance at love with Leandro?

Normally in books, I don’t get too into the secondary characters, but Samantha Towle has an amazing way of making you love them just as much as the primary characters. I was so happy to see Carrick and Andi for Revved in this book, and it was so easy to love Kit.

I rarely like epilogues. I don’t know if you’re like me but I get highly invested in the characters, and I don’t want their story to end and a lot of times I feel that authors don’t give us enough to finalize the story. That being said, Revived has one of the best endings I’ve read. It wrapped everything up with a pretty bow and left me smiling at Leandro, India, and Jett’s ending. It also made me want another book in the series starring Kit and Petra.

Revived is a standalone novel with interconnected characters.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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