July 8, 2015

Rush by Emma Scott Review

Rush is a beautiful, unique, moving, heart-warming story that you won’t be able to set down. I was a little worried it was going to be angsty especially after telling a friend the book I was reading. Luckily she was wrong and got it confused with another book.  Rush did have the potential for being a sad story with both characters having experience an acute loss, but it was actually funny in some places. At least, I thought so, and I know my humor and be a bit weird.

Rush is about Noah Lake who was an extreme athlete who was blinded after a horrific cliff diving accident. Noah turned his love of adrenaline into a career that complemented both journalism with extreme sports taking him to all corners of the world until an accident left him without his sight, his dreams gone, and nothing left to live for. Many told Noah he was lucky to be alive, but after extensive therapy to learn everything that he once knew how to do, he was left with no hope of ever being able to see again, angry, and bitter.  After leaving rehab, he moved into his parent’s townhome in New York City and pushed all of his friends and family away.  That was until Charlotte Conroy, entered his life as a live-in assistant.

Charlotte was a prodigy violinist who in her senior year at Julliard gets a call that would forever change her life.  After her brother, Chris, died, Charlotte lost her music.  Working two jobs and barely being able to pay rent in an apartment where she never had a moment alone, couldn’t sleep because of all the parties that went on every night and sharing a bathroom with four other people, Charlotte needed a change and she was willing to take a chance at a new job and put up with her new angry employer.

Noah didn’t make it easy for Charlotte, but it didn’t take him long to slowly start to be drawn to her. Charlotte was always polite, but it was the beautiful music she made when she practiced each day that compelled Noah to come out of his shell. She was one of the few who wouldn’t back down from him even though she was considerate and innocent with no filter.

Most of the book was from Charlotte’s point of view, but it was the chapters that were from Noah’s point of view that I loved.  The author wrote his point of view perfectly and gave us great insight into his world and dreams.  They were the ones that affected me the most.

Charlotte was easy to love. Even though she was experiencing her own heartache over her brother’s death and a losing her boyfriend she continued to be strong, and it was easy for her to understand why Noah was the angry man that he was. Charlotte didn’t feel any pity for him; she only wanted to help him learn to live his life again.  I loved that she wanted to make him smile and how easily she accepted and actually loved things about his blindness that I think would many others uneasy. It endeared me to her all the more.

Noah had me laughing from the beginning of his meeting with Charlotte and his rudeness, but my heart wanted to lurch from my chest learning all the things that he wanted and knew he’d never see again.  Underneath his rudeness and the asshole, persona was a very sweet, fun loving guy.

I absolutely loved this book. The angst was very short, and I wouldn’t even call it angst. We know it can’t always be all sunshine and rainbows in the story. The characters were mature and didn’t fall into the standard annoying flaws that we find in most books.  I loved how the problems that they had were quickly rectified and talked about.  The ending was truly beautiful and made the book all the more heart-warming.  I was left happy and teary eyed.

This is the first book that I’ve read by Emma Scott, but after reading Rush, I look forwarding to reading her other works.  I loved watching Noah and Charlotte heal each other, bring each other back to life, and fall in love.

Rush is in the City Lights series. All books in the series can be read as standalones.

Rating: 5 Stars

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