June 29, 2015

Safe At Last by Maya Banks Review

Although this book is my first by Maya Banks, she was not unheard of by me. Many people have recommended her to me, and when Sullivan and Partners, LLC sent me the synopsis of the book and asked me if I wanted to read it, I didn’t hesitate. After reading Safe At Last, I will definitely be reading the other books in the Slow Burn Series because I’m dying to know everyone else’s stories.  Rest assured if you have not read the previous books in the serious then you do not need to read them to know what is going on. You will not feel lost and wondering what’s going on throughout.  But you might be like me when you’re done and have an overwhelming need to read the others.

The book starts off in Zack’s point of view, and I immediately knew that he was different from most guys we read about in books. Zack was longing for a life he thought he once thought he’d have with Gracie. Settling down didn’t scare him. No, he wanted it. Only the woman he wanted it with was gone. He felt that he had failed her all those years ago, and now she might even be dead. It had been twelve long years filled with agony, pain, and regret for the both of them.

With dual points of view, you get the insight of both characters, and it took me a while to warm up to Gracie’s character.  It may have been that it was love at first sight for me and Zack. Gracie’s side is darker and more angsty.  For the last twelve years, she’d been a shell of the girl she once was after an incredibly traumatic event. It didn’t help that she thought that the only person who had ever shown her love had betrayed her in the worst way.

It’s known that I’m an angst baby, and as I started to read and got further into the book, I was a little scared that it was going to turn quite angsty.  Luckily it wasn’t bad. I mean, yes, their lives are not happy, and when Gracie first lays eyes on Zack her reaction was not what I was expecting and I was worried for our couple, but even with how bad their lives have been it was surprising, not angsty.

One thing I didn’t like about the book was how they both decided twelve years later to finally move on. It almost seemed that it happened at the same time and why now?  Now of all times!  Although I did love how well Maya Banks effortlessly made me engrossed from the very beginning until the very last page. Seriously I couldn’t get any work done because I was dying to get back to the book and find out what would happen next. Banks’ descriptions let me visualize the scenes smoothly. She didn’t over-describe to the point that you no longer care, and I’m bad about not being able to visualize what an author writes when they go into great detail.

If you are looking for a second chance romance that’s a little different, then this is the book for you, and if you haven’t read Maya Banks yet then I have a feeling she’ll be on your radar from now on.


** I was provided an arc for a fair and honest review. **

Rating: 4 ½ Stars

Slow Burn Series:  Keep Me Safe | In His Keeping Safe At Last

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