June 27, 2015

On My Knees by J. Kenner Reviews


On My Knees starts off the day after Say My Name ended, and Jackson has been let out of jail on bail after beating up Robert Reed.  J. Kenner wastes no time getting back in to the drama of Jackson and Sylvia’s lives and let me tell you if there isn’t some type of new drama bubbling up then you will be sure to feel the sparks flying of the pages or your kindle (LOL) from the chemistry between these two.  Kenner doesn’t disappoint with another wonderfully written book full of steamy scenes and anticipation.

When Say My Name last left off we knew that both Sylvia and Jackson still had many secrets that they were keeping from each other and the world.  It’s a tough ride as many of their secrets get exposed and they have to deal with the aftermath of their feelings.  But have they learned every secret? Can they withstand the knowledge that comes with the others secrets from their past?

The only bad thing I can say about this book and it may only be because I received an arc and not the finished product is that there were a few times that the point of view jumped around in strange places from their point of views to third person.  Most of the book is from Sylvia’s point of view however.  Let me warn you that it does end with a bit of a cliffy and I am counting down the days until Under My Skin comes out and I can read the conclusion of their love story.

In case you were wondering there’s not as much Damien and Nikki in the second book as the last, but they still pop in and it might just sate your hunger for more of them.  I know they are one of my favorite couples and always love to know more about what’s going on in their lives.

** I received an arc for a fair and honest review. **


Rating: 4 Stars


Stark International Trilogy: Say My Name | On My Knees | Under My Skin (September 1st)