April 29, 2015

Beyond These Walls by J.L. Berg Review

EPIC!!!  Beyond These Walls is the ending to Lailah and Jude’s epic love story. I don’t know about you but normally when the couple gets married or go on their honeymoon at the beginning of most books the story is too sweet.  It’s all hearts and flowers and not much is going on but them in love. I mean I love romance but a lot times it is cavity inducing sweetness for most of the book, but Beyond These Walls.  Jude and Lailah had been through so much in their lives and they deserved their happiness. Their love and happiness bleed out onto the pages and it only made me happy for them.  Never once did I think about how it was annoying that they were so happy and all lovey dovey.

I have to be honest that I was prepared to be sobbing for pretty much the whole book and put a couple of other books ahead of this one because I was in the mindset to be sad and crying.  So here’s a spoiler, everything is good until about half way through the book and when adversity finds Jude and Lailah once again in their lives, they handled it like the awesome people that they are.  The only time I cried was at the end and it was only a few happy tears.

I was definitely left wanting with the epilogue of this book. I know I say that about a lot of epilogues. I get emotionally invested with the characters in books and don’t want to let them go. So I need a good ending that tells me of their happy life and hopefully it isn’t just a couple of pages long. I tried to reassure myself that I would get to see more of Jude and Lailah in Roman’s book, but it won’t be enough. They probably won’t be in it much. Imagine me pouting right now. Yeah, I’m pouting.  Although I do have to say that Roman’s book should be interesting since he’s an irresponsible asshole about 99% of the time from what we’ve read in Within These Walls and Beyond These Walls. He was only a good guy when it came to Lailah and from those brief glimpses it was obvious that he could be a good guy and I can’t wait to get his perspective and find out why he’s been the way he’s been.

If you’ve read Within These Walls then Beyond These Walls is a MUST!  How could you not want to know how Jude and Lailah’s love story ends?  I know that even though I thought I would be crying through the whole book I still had to read it and I am not sorry that I did.  It will leave a smile on your face and make you believe that anything is possible.

** I was provided an arc for a fair and honest opinion. **

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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