March 24, 2015

Book Review: Manwhore by Katy Evans


Rachel Livingston worked as a writer for Edge magazine and it was only hanging on by a thread. She’d always loved words. The words from her mother and grandmother as they told her about her father. A father who died when she was two months old. This was her dream job.

One day she was offered to write an expose on the hottest entrepreneur in Chicago, Malcolm Saint.  Her boss wanted her to find out about how Malcolm stayed calm at all times, his relationship with his father, all the women in his life, and why everything he did was in fours. Even women.

Rachel knew that this assignment would be hard but she never expect to let her guard down, open up and find her true self. For the first time in her life Rachel felt connected to someone.

Knowing that eventually her story would come out and that it was not all about Interface, a social media company that Malcolm had launched, I was waiting through the whole book for the ugliness that would ensue when the truth came out. Then on the other hand Malcolm knew that she was a reporter, he had to have thought of the possibility in the beginning when he let her into his life. He asked her a couple of times what she was working on for her to only blow him off. It would have been so simple if she had only told him the truth in the beginning and the why’s of why she took the job, but we all know that would be boring.

Rachel was in constant battle with herself as to what was wrong and right when dealing with Malcolm. Did she go too far? Did she lose who she thought she was in the process of trying to get the information she needed for her story?

How do you describe Malcolm Saint? He was much more than what the public thought. He was electric, smart, ambitious, consuming, a tease, sweet, tender, giving, truthful, loyal, had a temper, closed off, a billionaire, a playboy, a womanizer, mysterious, a man of action, sexy, a loner, detached, intense, protective.  Malcolm Saint is just… EVERYTHING.

I felt bad for Rachel. She had to hide what she was doing with Malcolm and her feelings for so long from everyone. Even her best friends. Gina, one of her best friends, was always telling her what a bad guy Malcolm was, that it would never work, it would end before it ever got started. There was so much negativity when all she wanted and needed was a little support.  She didn’t want to be out in public with him and be all over every social media site as one of his floozies and that was something that Malcolm was unused to.

Katy Evans did a wonderful job of writing the chemistry between Malcolm and Rachel.  There was a buildup and I liked that they didn’t immediately jump into bed together.  Not what you’d think with a title like Manwhore.

For someone who said he’d never be monogamous it was Malcolm who was pushing for Rachel to be his girlfriend. He wanted for her to be his girl.  Taking up causes that meant so much to her. He was determined to get what he wanted and what he wanted was Rachel.

Rachel fought him every step of the way afraid he’d break her heart. She’d never been in a relationship or even been attracted to a man and once she finally found someone she connected with it was with a renowned manwhore. Would Rachel get her chance when she was finally ready to acknowledge her true feelings and act on them or would she be too late?

I was not expecting the twist at the end. The last twenty percent had me speed reading to find out what would happen. My heart was pounding to be left with a huge want for more. Left in limbo. Left to wait until July seventh until Manwhore +1 comes out.

I really enjoyed Rachel and Malcolm’s friends and I can totally see the secondary characters getting their own spin offs.  It’s not often that an author writes the other characters in a story so well, but Katy Evans has it nailed down first with the Real series and now with Manwhore.

I was told that Malcolm would make me forget Remington Tate. Personally I don’t think that’s possible. There is no book out there with a male character like Remy, he’s one in a million, but Katy Evans certainly left a Malcolm sized impression on me. I definitely recommend reading this and all of Katy Evans books.


** ARC received from Sullivan and Partners, LLC for a fair and honest review.**

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

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