March 4, 2015

Book Review: Becoming Rain by K.A. Tucker

Becoming Rain is a suspenseful romance in the Burying Water series. It can be read as a standalone. It’s the story of Clara (Rain), an undercover cop, who has been commissioned by the FBI to work on a case to take down the West Coast’s biggest car theft ring. She needs to get close to Luke Boone who’s the nephew of the man they believe to be the boss of the theft ring.

They only have a limited amount of time to work this case before their warrant expires and Rain will do anything to nail this case and to hopefully get a job with the FBI afterward. That is until she finally gets the attention of Luke and starts to become emotionally attached when she sees that he is truly a good guy who might not know what his uncle is doing.

Luke has been groomed almost all of his life to help one day run his uncle’s business with him.  Little by little his uncles started to let him into the business. Being the good guy that he is, Luke was a little too trusting when meeting new associates and hoping to get away from the business partners with Russian mafia ties.  Unfortunately he only gets deeper and deeper into his uncle’s illegal business. After being around Rain he sees something different in her than he has with other woman and it makes him start to think if he really wanted this life for himself.  Would he be happy with only the legitimate side of the business?

Having grown up in a poor Italian family it’s easy for Clara to see how anyone can be attracted to the lifestyle that her undercover identity Rain is living with her million-dollar condo, a brand new Audi, and a designer wardrobe.  Once Clara (Rain) sees the good in Luke she starts to want to help him get out of the trouble that seems to be mounting as she learns more and more.

Will she ruin her career by breaking the one rule she never thought she’d break? Getting emotionally involved with a suspect.  Will Luke decide to get out of the business before it’s too late?

I was instantly hooked once I started to read Becoming Rain. K.A. Tucker transported me into the world of an undercover policewoman and a twenty-four year old guy who was about to have his life become flashy and dangerous. I felt an immediate connection with the characters.  It was easy to feel their chemistry and the bond that they forged.

As for the epilogue, I was happy with how it played out (I’m not going to give any spoilers away on it though), but also sad because I wanted more of Luke and Rain’s story.  Maybe we will find out more about them in the next book, Chasing River.  I can always hope. 🙂

K.A. Tucker described her scenes so flawlessly that I could picture each and every one of them and that’s saying a lot for me. Normally if I don’t know what’s being described it’s hard for me to imagine. There are a lot of books that have pretty intense descriptions that are just too much for me, but the way K.A. Tucker wrote this book was perfect. This is the first book I’ve read of hers, but she’s made me a fan and I’ll be definitely be reading anything I can get my hands on my hers.  This is a definite must read.

** An ARC was kindly provided by Atria Books via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and  honest review. **

Rating: 5 Stars

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Burying Water series: Burying Water, Becoming Rain, Chasing River (Releasing: July 7, 2015)