February 23, 2015

Book Review: Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez

So far I love everything that I’ve read by Aly Martinez. She does not disappoint.  I recommend you read her Wrecked and Ruined series if you haven’t yet.  Aly has the great ability to draw you in from the first chapter and not be able to set the book down.  You fall in love so easily with her characters with the way she writes them.

I love this book! Even when I told my son about it he thought it sounded good and he could care less about most books that I read.  It’s one of those books that makes you think.  It’s not all fluffy, no it brings you back to reality, and makes you think about all the people that are out there that have a harder life than you do, that many kids grow up feeling unloved by their parents, go to school dirty, and struggle for each meal.  That’s not what the whole book is about, but it is the way the characters and many people live.

Till Page stole my heart early on in this book and I don’t know if I’ll ever get it back.  He’s a hard worker, working two jobs, taking care of his two brothers, working at the gym, and training to become a boxer.  He’s dedicated, loyal, and loving. Add that he’s slowly going deaf and you cannot not love him. He loves his fantasy world and it causes him some problems with Eliza, but he was so afraid of losing what they had that it was endearing.

While Till had his brothers, Eliza didn’t have anyone in the way of family. Her parents paid no attention to her whatsoever and didn’t care.  All she had from the time they were thirteen was Till and later his brothers.

This is a slow romance.  Eliza and Till met when they were thirteen and become secret friends who meet every night in an abandoned apartment building.  It’s the one place where Till feels that he can get away from his real life. It’s his fantasy and he doesn’t want to give it up.  He doesn’t want to lose his best friend that he loves, their lives are already so much of a struggle.

I think I squealed when I read Slate in the book.  OK. I don’t think I squealed. I know I did and it gets better, almost everyone from the Wrecked and Ruined series makes an appearance or is talked about. I’m happy that they will be connected to this series and we’ll get to see more of them.

When I read the epilogue I was happy it gave me what I wanted in most ways but there was one aspect that left me wanting.  It was late when I finished and I couldn’t get it out of my head to fall asleep.  But I got up the other morning and looked on Goodreads to see if she had more information on the rest of the series and it eased my mind as to why she ended it the way she did. It was what I thought. I know I’m being cryptic but I can’t give away that tidbit. It would ruin it for you.

Rating: 5 Stars

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The Wrecked and Ruined Series: Changing Course, Stolen Course, Among the Echoes, Broken Course