February 10, 2015

Book Review: One Night Unveiled by Jodi Ellen Malpas

I was a little worried about reading this trilogy.  I mean how can anyone compare to Jesse Ward?  They don’t right? Wrong!  There is something about Miller Hart that makes you instantly intrigued and then you fall fast and hard in love with him just like Olivia does.  I definitely wasn’t prepared for the laugh out loud moments but there are many.  One moment you’ll be laughing and the next your heart will either be pounding from some unexpected drama or swooning.

What started out as one night turns into twenty-four hours and then a lifetime.

Oh Miller and all of his fucked-up-ness but he’s still so damn sweet.  So sweet (I’m swooning just thinking about him) and afraid of Olivia leaving him, that at times it brought tears to my eyes. When Miller who normally seems a little stuffy suggesting that they veg out and lay like broccoli reminded me of Pretty Woman and made me love him even more.

Miller was trying to protect her from his past, but I think that if Olivia had been in the know about a lot of things there would have been a lot less complications but you’ve got to have your drama and there was a lot in this book. It just kept coming and it really took its toll on poor Miller and Olivia.

When Miller took control over Nan when she got out of the hospital was great! She always managed to make everyone fall under her spell and it was sweet.  Seeing Miller think of her as family, something he had never had, was special.

Miller and his thing.  I love his thing.  I love a man who can show his vulnerability and Miller’s was so damn sweet.  I think I smiled each and every time I saw ‘thing’ on my kindle.  And that was a lot.  Have you figured out how much I love Miller yet?

There was so much drama and events going on to keep you guessing throughout this book.  You’ll be riding a roller coaster of emotions.  You will fall more in love with Miller, you will laugh, cry, feel anxious, and have your heart pounding in your chest only to break one minute and soar the next.

This had one of the best epilogues if not the best one that I have ever read.  Normally I’m disappointed by how short they are or that they don’t give you enough to feel finished with the story, but when I got to the chapter and it said epilogue my kindle said I had thirty minutes left of reading to do and all throughout those thirty minutes I was laughing and had a big smile on my face and better yet it was from Miller’s point of view.  Finally getting his point of view made the story feel complete.  I’m not saying that I’m not sad I won’t be getting any more Miller time. I’ve been reading this series the whole week and I’m truly going to miss him.  It was perfect.

I cannot wait to see what Jodi Ellen Malpas comes up with next but it’s sure going to be hard to beat Miller Hart.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reading order: One Night Promised, One Night Denied, One Night Unveiled