February 9, 2015

Book Review: The Next Sin by Georgia Cates


NO!!! And Oh My God!!! are the words that escaped my mouth and my fingers as I typed out a text to my friend when I finished this book. Georgia Cates you had my heart pounding through the last two chapters and I was praying that my kindle was wrong and that magically the book would continue. I’m not sure if you’d call this a book hangover or not.  I’m not sad and crying about where the story ended, I’m in SHOCK.  Shocked with the ending, and in denial over how long I must wait until the last book in this series comes out.  I think this is Georgia’s best work yet and I’m counting the minutes until One Last Sin comes out in March.  I will be dropping whatever I’m doing when the book magically arrives on my kindle.

You must read the first book in the series The Necessary Sin before reading this one.  The Next Sin starts three months after Bleu walked away from Sinclair and Scotland.  She and her sister are staying in rental house while their father’s health continues to decline from his cancer and hiding out from the Brotherhood but not really. More like hide in plain sight.

Sin has been watching in the background making sure she is safe from his uncle but must confront her when his uncle’s men reach the United States and will likely find her in under a week.  To keep the Fellowship and his uncle away from the woman he loves, Sin proposes marriage.  The only way he can keep her safe. Luckily that isn’t the only reason he wants to marry his Bonnie Bleu.

I’m not sure what I thought was going to happen in this book but that is not what happened.  There are the standard problems of marriage and if and when they will have children, but mixed in are Harry’s health, Bleu’s vengeance against the man who murdered her mother, the Fellowship and all the politics that go along with a crime organization plus so much more.  You will be sucked in the moment you start reading and will not be able to stop reading until the last page. And then you will be left wanting more.  You will not be disappointed. Once you’ve read The Next Sin you can start your countdown along with me for March 23 when One Last Sin releases.


Rating: 5 + Stars

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