February 5, 2015

Book Review: Red Lines by T.A. Foster


You must read Blurred Lines before Red Lines.  For some odd reason I didn’t know this when I first signed on to read the arc. Hey not every day is a stellar brain day. So I quickly read through Blurred Lines and moved onto Red Lines.  They are both quick reads if you can get into them which I seemed to have a problem doing.

Book two (Red Lines) starts off immediately were the first book left off.  Haven was leaving her home to visit Austin and work on her songs with the music company she just signed a contract with.

Evan was leaving the island after Haven wouldn’t see him and gave her the space she wanted.  When they saw each other on the ferry they finally talked and by the time the ride was over they were back together again.

Life was not easy for these two with Haven’s career starting in Austin while Evan was off in L.A. filming his erotic movie with his ex.  Haven knew nothing about the entertainment industry or how things were run in Hollywood.  Would they be able to survive the tabloid rumors?  Especially when Evan and Emmy were pretending to have rekindled their romance to keep Haven out of the spotlight.

For me I just didn’t connect and couldn’t get into the story and the epilogue was lacking for me.  Yes, I rarely feel like an epilogue gives me what I want but this was one didn’t give me any closure to their lives.  I wanted more and I felt that very little had changed in their relationship even with the time passage that had occurred.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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