January 29, 2015

Book Review: Take Me with You by K.A. Linde


While the first book in this series was low on angst, K.A. Linde definitely amped it up a little bit for the second one. For most of the book I wanted to just slap Grant and Aribel because so many things could have been resolved if they would have just communicated with each other. Instead, they shut each other out, kept secrets from the other, and when they did talk, they blew up over the littlest things and never got anything solved until weeks later.

Nothing seemed simple for our duo this time around.  Grant’s demons could no longer be kept locked away, after finally getting back together they were faced with a long distance relationship while Contraband was on tour, and Ari’s family disapproved of Grant, his career, and kept pushing Henry the Douchebag onto her.

I hated the way Grant always surveyed the women around him. It would almost seem as if he might want to hook up with them but then say or think until I met Ari. I understand the look but don’t touch aspect but sometimes it was a little much and I can’t imagine if Ari would have done if she had seen him eying up all the groupies that were always around. On the other hand, you do get to see a side of Grant that he shows no one but Ari. The vulnerable and loveable side.

How will their relationship survive with Grant on the road and all of his vices around and at the ready for him for two months?  What will Grant do to keep himself and Aribel safe from his father who had sworn when he went off to prison that when he got out that he’d come after him and make him pay?

Rating: 4 Stars

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Series Order: Take Me for Granted ($0.99 at time of post), Take Me with You

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