January 27, 2015

Book Review: Kyland by Mia Sheridan

Mia Sheridan has done it once again.  I LOVE this book. I’m not sure if I love Kyland more than Archer from Archer’s Voice but he’s pretty damn close.

Oh the sadness that is this book. When I wasn’t reading it, I was telling everyone I encountered about it.  How sad it was because it felt so real and that you know there are people out there who are living the way Kyland and Tenleigh lived. Kyland is a beautifully heart-wrenching story of strength, love, courage, hope, and sacrifice.  You can feel their struggles and it will break your heart.

Growing up in the mountains of a small town in Kentucky, poor and starving with the only hope to get out of town is a scholarship rewarded to only one graduating student a year.  Both the characters have worked hard and hoped that they will be the one to get out of Dennville.

There is an immense mutual attraction felt by both Kyland and Tenleigh, but they fight against the attraction that continues to build between them.  Neither could afford the distraction or complications that could come with giving in.  No matter what, Kyland had decided that he would be getting out of town after graduation.

“I’m going to leave here, Tenleigh. Nothing is going to stop me. Not you, not anything. Not anyone. Do you hear me? … I’m leaving this place behind when I go. Everything about this place. Even you.”

As their attraction built and the more they got to know about each other they were no longer able to fight against their feelings.

Half agony, half hope.
Half pain, half ecstasy.
Half grief, half joy.
Half my downfall, half my savior.

Half way through the book, Mia Sheridan will rip your heart out along with Tenleigh and Kyland’s.  I knew it was coming and you’ll know it too but I was as unprepared as the characters were with how much it would hurt when the scholarship was rewarded to the winner.  Seriously I had to go to the end of the book to see how it ended just to make it through.  That’s how emotionally invested Mia Sheridan gets you into her characters in each and every book she writes.  I could not put the book down even after knowing how it ended.  I read as quickly as possible to know what would happen next.

Like I said before, I fell hard for Kyland.  He’s so close to Archer as one of the best book boyfriends ever.  Just thinking about what Kyland sacrificed for Tenleigh and their love brings tears to my eyes. If I thought his life was bad before, his life was hell those for years they were apart.  After putting in his time and he could finally leave would Tenleigh forgive him?  Would she have already moved on after Kyland had shattered her heart?

“I do go to hell. Every day. For you.”

  I had a serious book hangover from all the feels in this story. I hope after reading this story that everyone takes a look around them and see the people who are struggling in their lives and try to help. Even if it is in a small way. Hell sometimes just having a friend to talk to can help someone in need.

I have loved each and every book that I have read of Mia Sheridan’s and I read a lot. A lot. Her books are ones that you never forget and I can’t wait to see what she writes next.

Rating:  5+ Stars

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Signs of Love Series:  Leo, Leo’s Chance, Stinger, Archer’s Voice, Becoming Calder, Finding Eden, Kyland


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