January 12, 2015

Book Review: Rescue Me by Kathy Coopmans

This is the second book by Kathy and it starts where Shelter Me left off.  Rescue Me is the story of Erin and Adam. All the characters from Shelter Me are brought back and a few new ones make an appearance.

I was scared, and I’m a mom, and when someone threatens to kill you if you ever try and call the cops, or worse yet, try and leave them, you believe them.  You slip into a world of darkness, a world of hate; a world where you vow to yourself you will never love or trust a man again.

For four years, Erin has been living scared, broken, and feeling worthless after her ex-husband Joel beat her and she finally got the courage to leave and divorce him.  The only person she has lived for is her daughter Sierra.

After Shayne, her best friend, convinces her to move from Texas to Michigan. Erin and Sierra move in with Adam, Shayne’s cousin.  A man who she can’t get out of her thoughts or her dreams ever since she first set eyes on him several years ago when Shayne lived next to her.

Rescue Me is about Adam making Erin finally want to feel again.  To learn to trust again. And most importantly, to love again.

I wasn’t sure if Adam’s commanding ways was what Erin needed to get her life back and start to trust and love again, but she seemed to respond to it.  It was easy to see their strong physical and emotional pull to one another.

Adam does everything that he can to prove to Erin just how much she means to him.  At first, she would be receptive to then slip away and he would have to start over again.  But he was never deterred from wanting to show her that she and her daughter were his world.

It was so sweet to see such a strong and commanding man like Adam be so sweet and loving to Erin’s little girl and it brought tears to my eyes when that sweet little girl asked Adam if she could call him her daddy.

I think Kathy Coopmans did a great with this book and the way she wrote Erin’s struggling and surviving. Watching Adam break down the walls of Erin’s heart and letting him in.  She even writes her supporting characters so well that you’re invested in the lives of everyone in her stories.  She does a great job of providing a little bit of everything in her books and very little angst. I don’t want to give too much away but there are some heart pounding moments through most of the last half of the book.


Rating: 4 Stars