January 8, 2015

Book Review: Shelter Me by Kathy Coopmans

This is Kathy Coopmans’ debut novel. I love second chance love stories and this one definitely fits the bill.  Seven years ago, Luke (Luciano Schavone) left Shayne with only a note and a rose.  She was devastated. Everywhere she looked, she would picture him so she makes the decision to attended nursing school in Texas where she then stays.  Shayne only comes back when she has to bury her aunt, who was like a mother to her.

Running into each other and Luke wants to explain why he had to leave but Shayne doesn’t want to hear it. She hates that seeing him again has affected so much. I have to say his excuse is a little ridiculous. He was eighteen at the time and he should have had some say in the matter or been able to tell Shayne what was going on and why he and his family had to leave. Also I think he could have tried to contact her during the time he was gone instead of waiting until he moved back to Michigan, two years before.  With that said, I do understand why they left; I just think they handled the situation badly.

Eventually Luke convinces her to listen to him and once he does, they are almost instantly a couple again.  Their love for each other never died during the seven-year separation or their chemistry and although they agreed to take things slow, that lasts for about a minute.

They both have secrets they are scared to share with one another. Will learning the truth break them apart now that they’ve found their way back to one another or will their love keep them together?

I was slightly annoyed by Luke’s reaction to Shayne’s secret when he wasn’t telling her his own.  Shayne knew that he wasn’t telling everything too!  I think they fell back into their relationship a little too fast and at times, it was somewhat cheesy, but I love my romances and it was easy to overlook.

Kathy Coopmans did a great job with this being her first book.  You cannot tell and I look forward to reading and watching as she grows as an author.


Rating: 3.5

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