January 6, 2015

Book Review: Last Call by Alice Clayton

I love, love, love Simon Parker.  My friends kept talking about Wallbanger and I finally read it and then had to read everything there was by Alice Clayton and I have to say that Simon and Caroline are my favorites out of all her characters as to date. I’m sad to say goodbye to Simon and Caroline, but the book finished with a big smile on my face.  Hey there’s even room for another novella down the line.  What do you think Alice, will we someday get to see more of our favorite couple?

I have to say that I was a little unhappy with the first half of the book.  It focused so much on their friends and where their lives were going with weddings and babies, and I’m selfish and just wanted to get me some more of Simon.

All this talk and activity of wedding, pregnancy, and babies gets Caroline thinking about what’s right for her and Simon.  Should they get married or should they keep it how it is since they are so incredibly happy together?  Why fix it if it isn’t broken?

I’m going to miss Simon and everything about him from his handsome face down to his panty melting words.  I love the way Simon and Caroline are together in this series.  They seem so real.  They didn’t magically fall in love together overnight and it’s been a wonderful journey to watch them together.

Last Call is a novella, so you’ll be able to read it quickly.  I do wish there was more of Caroline and Simon but overall Alice Clayton once again did an amazing job and ending their tale on happy note and smile on my face.  She even worked in Grace Sheridan and Jack Hamilton from The Unidentified Redhead into the book.



Rating: 4 Stars

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Cocktail Series Order: Wallbanger (Sale $2.99, Reg. $7.99), Rusty Nailed, Screwdriver, Mai Tai’d Up, Last Call